Judge sends man who broke into Houston rapper Bun B’s home in 2019 to prison

Bun B and his wife, Queenie, both testified about the 2019 crime. The judge had to call two impromptu recesses when things got tense.

HOUSTON — The man who broke into Houston rapper Bun B’s home in 2019 and held a gun to his wife’s head was sentenced to 40 years in prison Friday. Demonte Alif Jackson pleaded guilty to aggravated robbery with intent to commit another felony.

Editor’s note: The above video was published on Thursday before the sentence was handed down.

This comes after emotional testimony Thursday from Bun B, whose real name is Bernard Freeman, and his wife Chalvalier Freeman, who also goes by Queenie.

The Freemans said Jackson forced his way into their Third Ward home and put a gun to Queenie’s head to rob them and steal their car. Bun B, who was upstairs, grabbed a gun and came downstairs. He opened fire on Jackson, who by then was behind the wheel of a car in the family garage.

“I proceeded to unload my weapon,” Bun B testified. “He fell out of the car. He threw his gun down. I started fighting with him. My wife came through the garage door. She started screaming.”

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Jackson was wounded in the shootout and then fled to a hospital, where he was arrested.

Queenie was so distraught at seeing her attacker in court Thursday that the judge called a recess. Jackson listened to her testimony from a different room.

“He said ‘(Expletive), give me everything you got,'” Queenie testified.

She also testified about the punishment she wanted in the case.

“Time in the penitentiary so he can see how it feels to get robbed of your freedom,” she said.

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While on the stand, Queenie talked about the psychological damage she suffered. She said she never returned to that house. The couple has since moved to Fort Bend County and they have private security.

When Jackson’s father was testifying for the defense, Jackson had an outburst.

Jackson’s father said his son was a standout high school football player who had everything, including two cars and a moped, but he wasn’t disciplined because he wanted to be a friend and not a father.

Jackson’s parents also testified that their son has an IQ of 81 and mental health issues.

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