Keldon Johnson’s China Tour 2023 is in full swing

Johnson is in China meeting with fans as part of a sneaker promotional tour.

SAN ANTONIO — The San Antonio Spurs‘ offseason is well underway and forward Keldon Johnson is making the most of it by touring China.

Johnson is currently touring China in conjunction with his new Chinese-based sneaker line from Qiaodan.

This is a sneaker-promotional tour but he is also taking time to meet and greet with his Chinese fans, sign autographs, and catch all the sights and sounds China has to offer.

Spurs fan Taro Kotani is sharing Johnson’s “China Tour 2023” on his social media and from the looks of things, the Spurs forward is having a great time!

Check out Johnson’s fans welcoming him, Johnson enjoying a grand feast, signing autographs, and more.

There’s even a Keldon-themed van and he received fan art making him look fierce!

In case you didn’t know, Johnson signed a sneaker deal with Qiaodan Sports ahead of last season. It includes a signature sneaker line, apparel, and commercials featuring him.

Johnson wore his signature Qiaodan sneakers throughout last season and one pair features the Spurs Fiesta colors complete with his initials on the tongue of the sneaker.

It is unknown if and when these sneakers will be available to the U.S. public. Currently, they are only available in China but some online stores might have them for shipping directly from China.

The Spurs certainly do have quite the international fanbase with fans in China and a surge of French fans with Victor Wembanyama’s imminent arrival to the NBA.

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