KSAT 12 goes to SXSW Creative Industries Expo

AUSTIN – Thousands are flocking to Austin for the annual South By Southwest conference.

Innovators, musicians, and filmmakers from around the world are gathering together to showcase new creations.

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Austin’s downtown convention center became the center of innovation for the Creative Industries Expo, with pop-ups from dozens of different companies.

Shrunk 3D allowed KSAT to check out it’s mobile business that can turn your memories into an exact replica.

“One second to take 190 images of you within that one second,” one of the employees said.

Another company featured a live stream portal that allowed you to see another country and speak to people there.

“We have 20 of these all around the world, so we’ll create global experiences whether it be for learning, innovation, brand activations. Connect people in a really human way,” one of the employees of Shared Studios said.

The Central Intelligence Agency uses the SXSW conference not only as a recruitment tool but also as a way to gain more insight into the innovations happening in different sectors.

“CIA headquarters is probably one of the hardest places to get into in the country in terms of the public can’t come to visit so what we’re trying to do is try to bring a little bit of our story and our building to the public,” a public information specialist shared.

The conference is giving the public free admission to the final day of Austin Industry Day. According to a release, the Expo “showcase(s) some of today’s most forward-thinking brands and technology. The Expo shows how creativity is fueling progress across all industries, from entertainment and health to social impact and more.”

Outside of the Creative Industries Expo, the KSAT team stopped by the pop-up carnival from Audible which allowed guests to see the different genres the streaming platform had to offer.

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