Local community gathers to remember deceased mother and toddler at memorial on the west side

The family of Savannah and Kaiden Kriger are mourning their loss after the bodies of the mother and son were found near Tom Slick Park last Tuesday.

SAN ANTONIO — Nearly 100 friends and family members gathered to pay their respects and contribute to a memorial dedicated to 32-year-old Savannah Kriger and her 3-year-old toddler Kaiden Sunday morning.

Savannah’s stepsister, Jamie Johnson, led the memorial. “I begged her to help us find her,” she said. “I begged her to help us find out what happened. And I begged her to hear and to feel us to know that we are not going to give up.”

The family of the late mother and son is still grieving their sudden loss. “She always knew she had support, and always leaned on it when she knew she needed it,” Johnson said.

They’re also sharing their best memories, including Kaiden’s favorite superhero. “I love you Kaiden, and I miss you, and you’re strong like Spiderman,” a family member said.

It was last Tuesday when the bodies of Savannah and Kaiden Kriger were found in a drainage easement near Tom Slick Park.

Authorities are investigating their deaths as a possible murder-suicide. Leaving the family, like Savannah’s stepsister Jamie Johnson, in disbelief.

“She expressed to one of her closest friends that she felt she was running out of time,” Johnson said. “She seemed desperate for safety in those past couple of weeks. Never once leading toward what they say that she did.”

For now, the memorial symbolizes the impact this mother and son left within the community.

“She is a part of us,” Johnson said. “And just because there’s one headline in the media does not mean, that’s what happened.”

The family still continues their search for answers.

“We want whoever it is that we feel or whoever it is that could have possibly did this to our sister, that we are not going to stop,” said Johnson.

She adds that the family’s next steps will be requesting certain tests from the medical examiners office.

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