Man sentenced to 410 years in prison in child sexual abuse case

The 44-year-old plead guilty on all counts for the continuous sexual abuse of multiple children and possession of child pornography.

SAN ANTONIO — A Hays County judge has sentenced a man on 65 counts of continuous sexual abuse of multiple children and possession of child pornography with intent to promote. The stacked sentences handed out by the judge amounted to a total of 410 years in prison for the man.

According to a press release announcing the sentencing, the criminal case against 44-year-old Bo Michael Dresner began as a jury trial earlier this month. That is, before Dresner changed his plea to guilty on all 65 counts of the indictment, beginning the process of a punishment hearing before the judge.

Dresner was accused of the continuous sexual abuse of multiple children, including a child who lived at Dresner’s home at the time.

According to The Hays County Criminal District Attorney, the investigation began in 2019 when a child claimed that she was being sexually molested by Dresner.

While a criminal investigation against Dresner was ongoing, he was stopped by deputies on his way to the airport with a one-way ticket to Armenia, a non-extradition country.

During a forensic examination, investigators found hundreds of thousands of images of child pornography in Dresner’s electronic devices, including internet searches for countries that do not extradite to the U.S.

Dresner had previously been accused of sexual abuse of a child in a 2005 case where he pleaded guilty to assaulting a 15-year-old in Minnesota, though his sentencing was reduced.

The press release also states that evidence showed one of the victims in the current case previously made allegations against Dresner in 2012 but the matter was not fully investigated by law enforcement and the victim was sent back to live with Dresner by CPS.

The prosecuting district attorneys expressed their satisfaction with the verdict and said the Hays County Criminal District Attorney’s Office will continue to work diligently to hold perpetrators of sexual violence and molestation accountable.

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