Man tells SAPD he was shot while working at house on Southwest Side

SAN ANTONIO – A man told San Antonio police he was shot while working at a house and then was driven to a clinic on the Southwest Side.

The man was found just before 8 a.m. Friday at a medical clinic on Briggs Avenue near Somerset Road, not far from Southwest Military Drive.

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The man, who is around 50 years old, told police he was shot about 30 minutes prior on Pitluk Avenue. A bullet went through his arm and hit him in the chest.

The man told police he was doing some work at a house when an elderly man came out with a gun and aimed it at a woman. The victim told him he didn’t want any trouble, but the man still shot him.

The victim said he flagged down a driver who took him to the clinic, thinking it was a hospital.

He was later taken to a hospital.

Police said they had not located a scene on Pitluk. The shooting is under investigation.

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