Memphis NICU babies dress up for Christmas 2023

The NICU team at both Saint Francis is getting into the Christmas spirit.

Memphis’ NICU patients are getting cinematic for the holidays — celebrating Christmas by dressing up as iconic characters from “A Christmas Story.”

“The birth of a baby is already a memorable time for families, but we wanted to add to the experience by giving parents the chance to get some special photos that will serve as a keepsake and fun, sweet memory,” said Kerry Thompson, NICU nurse at Saint Francis who helped choose props and created the background for the photo shoot. 

The NICU team at Saint Francis also create outfits for Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween and Elvis Week.

“One of our neonatologists who loves to take photographs as a hobby volunteered to photograph the babies,” NICU nurse manager Maggie Dibble said after their Halloween festivities. “Several current and former NICU nurses went to work crocheting the costumes, and all our staff from the nurses to the respiratory therapists have had a hand in dressing the babies up.”

Here’s what else the Saint Francis NICU babies have dressed up as: 

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