Micah Parsons barks back at Skip Bayless … pretty loudly

Parsons’ jab at Bayless comes after the Fox Sports 1 host said he couldn’t wait to hear what Parsons had to say on his podcast after losing to the Packers.

DALLAS — Five days after the Dallas Cowboys loss to the Green Bay Packers, we have heard from defensive superstar Micah Parsons, and it’s in response to a tweet from Fox Sports 1 host Skip Bayless.

Bayless called Parsons out on Sunday, saying he can’t wait to hear what the Cowboys defensive end would have to say on his podcast because that’s the best thing Parsons does. Friday, Parsons fired back, calling Bayless fake, saying Bayless begged him to go on his show all season, and calling Bayless a fake Cowboys fan.

Parsons is right about one thing: Bayless is every bit as fake as those goofy Twitter videos of him throwing out his Cowboys gear.

Skip Bayless is talking nonsense? It’s just another day. 

And Bayless is wrong about one thing: No matter how entertaining the podcast is, Parsons doesn’t do anything better than he plays football. 

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However, for a guy who had an awful lot to say all season long, Parsons has been radio silent up until this tweet. After the game on Sunday, Parson’s locker was emptied out, and there wasn’t a trace of No. 11 by the time we got into the Cowboys locker room.

And listen … some guys just don’t talk. That’s fine.

Tyron Smith hardly says a word, ever, win or lose. And it’s very possible that Parsons has made a smart decision by not talking since Sunday’s loss. Maybe he needs to give it time so he doesn’t say something he’d regret. 

But if you’re going to be the guy who is beating your chest and talking up this Cowboys defense as one of the elite in the history of the game, after you roast the Giants and Jets, you should be able to stand up and answer some tough questions after you give up six touchdowns in the first seven possessions to a Packers team that lost to the Giants last month.

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