Migrants find warmth in kindness of strangers during freezing temperatures

SAN ANTONIO – Many migrants who were unable to get inside the Migrant Resource Center say they’re grateful for the kindness of strangers who have provided for them along the way, especially during the freezing temperatures.

Lydia Leos collects donations through her friends and business and stops by the parking lot outside the Migrant Resource Center on San Pedro. She’s just one of many good Samaritans who offer handouts to migrants standing outside the center, and she does the same for homeless people downtown.

On Wednesday, her trunk was full of sweet bread, snacks, and water. But at other times, she shared diapers and other necessities with migrants.

“There is a major need for gloves, hats in this cold. And there’s a lot of people out here,” Leos said.

Iris Maribel Diaz is a pregnant migrant traveling with a 2-year-old. She stepped outside the shelter looking for extra food and snacks for her son and any handouts that people drop off at the parking lot.

Diaz said she is grateful for those like Leos who have helped her along her journey.

Leos owns Caballero Bakery, and she uses social media often to help raise awareness and support for those living without a home in San Antonio.

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