‘Mom was right!’ | Teen facing multiple aggravated robbery charges expresses regret to judge

A 15-year-old accused of an aggravated robbery spree says he is filled with regret.

SAN ANTONIO — A 15-year-old accused of an extensive crime spree stood before a juvenile judge Monday morning and apologized for his actions.

Accused of a long aggravated robbery spree and involvement in an attack on a San Antonio Police officer early Sunday morning, the teen said his mother warned him he was on the road to trouble.

“She was right about it the whole time. Like ‘You’re going to keep doing bad at school and you’re going to end up on the streets, or you’re going to end up going to jail’ and she was right,” the teen told the judge. He said he now regrets his actions and is trying to turn his life around.

“Like, aggravated robberies, it ain’t worth it. It just really isn’t worth it. Like I just look at myself. I’m disgusted. I just hate myself because of what I did,” the teen said, adding he wished he could apologize. “I’m just so sorry for those innocent people. Like if I could just go back and change and apologize for what I did, I would go back.”

Judge Cruz Shaw acknowledged the teens heartfelt remarks, but said accountability is a must.

“There are still consequence, so at this time I’m going to order him to remain detained. He is not allowing himself to be adequately supervised. He may be a danger to himself or others and there is no parent or guardian to release him to,” Shaw replied.

Court personnel told the judge the teen should remain in custody because he had plenty of chances to do the right thing.

The judge was told the teen was referred to juvenile for a charge of evading arrest and then theft of a vehicle.

The teen was initially released from custody but after only two weeks, he absconded and went off a monitor

The court added that since the initial trouble, the teen is subject to 11 aggravated robbery charges and there are at least five more cases in the process of being filed.

Meanwhile, in a courtroom next door a 14-year-old girl is accused of being in the car during an attempt to run down an officer Sunday. She was also ordered detained.

Associate Judge Erik Reynolds heard court personnel review of the girl’s history. They told Reynolds this is the girl’s first appearance in juvenile, but that her mother had reported having troubles at home including being aggressive and missing school.

While the teen’s attorney blamed her troubles on association with her boyfriend, he asked that she be released with conditions like attending school without absences and an early curfew.

Reynolds denied the release request.

Both teens have detention hearings scheduled for June 17.


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