Nearly 70% of Texas educators say they’re ready to leave profession, survey shows

SAN ANTONIO – Nearly 70% of the 6,000 Texas educators surveyed by the Texas American Federation of Teachers union say they are ready to quit their jobs.

About 75% of the survey respondents reported experiencing burnout.

Wanda Longoria, Texas AFT secretary treasurer, says the results are not surprising.

“When asked what would keep you in the profession, almost 73% said higher salary and manageable workload,” she said.

The survey also showed that about 1 in 5 educators work a second job.

“That means they have very limited time for themselves. There is no time for self-care, no time for them to be with families,” Longoria added.

Teresa Razo is a pre-K dual language teacher. After school, she takes a 15-minute break and starts her second job as a rideshare driver at 4 p.m.

“I have to do this. Sometimes I don’t want to, but I have to,” Razo said. “My income as a teacher is not enough.”

She took the survey and counted herself among those burned-out teachers considering their options.

“I see myself being in this profession maybe two more years,” she said.

Razo says the most significant changes to benefit teachers must come at the legislative level. However, parents and families can do everyday things to support teachers, such as making their jobs easier.

“Bring them home to school every day and be there for their children. Read to them every night,” Razo said. “And ensuring that they are fed so they can go to sleep and be ready and alert for the next day.”

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