Neighbors voice concerns over proposed freightliner development in Paloma neighborhood

SAN ANTONIO – As the city expands, so are the conversations about the future of this field on the East Side.

“They shouldn’t make money at a community’s expense,” Jo Most said.

The land is located off Interstate 10 and Loop 1604, next to the Paloma neighborhood in San Antonio. Doggett Freightliner Properties, a semi-truck dealership, owns it.

They have multiple locations; the closest is in Converse. However, the City of San Antonio says this application is a plan amendment and voluntary annexation for a proposed development.

The development would be for freight liner sales, servicing, and outdoor storage.

Its proposed location for the next two major roads could be an ideal spot, but the project proposal poses problems for neighbors.

“Outraged, I’m like, no way. You’ve got to be kidding,” Most said.

If the project moves forward, the community’s top concerns are safety, peace, property values, and pollution.

“Think about the people who live here,” Most said.

“So you say 76 homes would have this as their backyard, but there are hundreds of other homes, thousands even, that be impacted,” said KSAT reporter Avery Everett.

“Correct, we have a total of 1344 homes here,” Most said.

Paloma Luxury Apartments, located just across the street from the land, said in a statement, “Residents here are concerned. They want their children to be able to play in a safe, peaceful setting. They don’t want big rigs in their backyards!”

KSAT emailed and called Doggett Freightliner and tried calling the attorneys listed in the rezoning requests. So far, there has been no response.

Neighbors say they’re set to meet with the company on Friday.

“So, how would you describe the Paloma neighborhood outside of this project?” asked Everett.

“Nice, family friendly, lots of military people,” Most said.

They hope to come to a resolution by projecting their community and growing the city.

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