Parents charged after newborn found with multiple skull fractures, brain bleeding and lacerations

SAN ANTONIO – The mother of a newborn who was taken to the hospital with serious injuries was arrested just days after police arrested the baby’s father.

The 2-month-old baby had multiple skull fractures, brain bleeding, multiple bruises to different parts of his body and lacerations and his hands and feet.

Diana Ramon, 34, was arrested Wednesday afternoon and charged with serious bodily injury to a child by omission after her son was taken to a San Antonio area hospital on Saturday. She reportedly called 911 after her son, who was 9 weeks old at the time, became lethargic and went unconscious.

The child’s father, 27-year-old Orlando Cruz, was arrested earlier this week and charged with injury to a child resulting in serious bodily injury.

According to an arrest warrant affidavit, Ramon returned home on Friday, May 12, after picking up her children from school and found Cruz applying pressure to the newborn’s hands with a baby wipe.

Ramon told police she noticed the wipe was full of blood and that the baby continued bleeding. She also said she found a cut on the infant’s left foot.

Later that evening, Ramon told police she noticed bruises on the newborn’s shoulders and abdomen.

According to the affidavit, Ramon allegedly told Cruz he needed to be more careful in the way he handles the baby because he is “creating bruises.”

The following day is when the infant lost consciousness and was transported to the hospital by EMS where doctors advised Ramon that the child had multiple skull fractures, bilateral brain bleeding, a fracture in his upper arm, a fracture to his left shin bone, and fractures on both sides of his ribs in addition to the bruises and lacerations.

While at the hospital, Cruz allegedly admitted that the infant fell from his hands and hit his head on a bassinet but said he was afraid to tell anyone. He was taken into custody Sunday.

The affidavit states that a nurse at the hospital contacted San Antonio Police Department officers Monday and advised that all the fractures were in different stages of healing, which means the injuries occurred on different dates. The nurse also stated that the rib fractures had callus formations — meaning the fractures happened weeks ago.

Ramon originally told police that Cruz wouldn’t allow her to call 911 or seek medical treatment for the newborn and that he was home all day Friday and Saturday, impeding her ability to call for help. In a secondary interview, she told police Cruz left to go to the store during the day on Saturday, but she still didn’t call for help, an affidavit states.

She also claimed to not have noticed any of the injuries because she only changes the newborn’s diapers and that Cruz is the one who gives him baths.

However, police stated in the affidavit that “any reasonable person will notice those injuries while changing diapers.”

An arrest warrant affidavit for Cruz states that the newborn is in stable condition in a local pediatric intensive care unit.

Cruz’s bond was set at $15,000 after his arrest on Sunday. He was released from jail on Tuesday, court records show.

Ramon’s bond has been set at $75,000. She is still in jail as of this publication, according to jail records.

Bonds are set by a magistrate judge at the time suspects are booked into jail.

A Bexar County Magistrate employee told KSAT that Cruz’s bond was set by Magistrate Judge Jeb Lock and Ramon’s bond was set by Magistrate Judge Edith Brown.

Judge Catherine Torres-Stahl in the 175th District Court has been assigned to both cases moving forward.

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