Parkinson’s outreach event offers support for newly diagnosed families

SAN ANTONIO – Peter Babcock started noticing the signs that something was wrong in about 2016, but he was not diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease until the fall of 2021.

Thanks to his neurologist, he was able to start treatment right away.

Babcock is still working and continues to be an avid cyclist, but the disease has taken a toll on him.

“The symptoms affect you in so many ways. I compare it to like an iceberg. There’s just a small amount of the symptoms that are apparent to people on the outside. Obviously, the tremors sometimes, bradykinesia, which is a slowness of motion rigidity, which is stiffness,” he said.

He says it’s also taken a toll on his family. He strongly encourages people and their families to seek support.

“When you see people who are actively fighting against the disease, it gives you hope. It gives you a role model to shoot for and strive for. These are people who fall down sometimes on a daily basis but keep picking themselves back up and go on with their lives,” Babcock said. “And that that was important to me, and it helped me start focusing on the disease as something I can fight, not necessarily win, because of the neurodegenerative disease until they come up with a cure.”

Local organizations including ConnectAbility are hosting a “Take 6 for PD” free educational event on Tuesday, April 30, from 9:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Multi-Assistance Center at Morgan’s Wonderland, located at 5210 Thousand Oaks Drive.

Pre-registration is required to attend.

Flyer of free event for Parkinson’s education. (KSAT 2024)

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