‘Please come home’ | Leon Valley Police searching for pregnant 18-year-old

Gloria Cordova said her daughter, Savanah Nicole Soto was a week past her due date and was set to be induced Saturday night but never showed up to the hospital.

LEON VALLEY, Texas — Leon Valley Police are searching for a pregnant teenager last seen at her apartment complex.

The mother of 18-year-old Savanah Nicole Soto said she last heard from her daughter on Friday. The police chief confirmed there is an ongoing missing persons investigation.

Gloria Cordova said Soto was a week past her due date and was set to be induced Saturday night but never showed up to the hospital.

“Savanah was so, so happy because she was going to be a mommy, it breaks my heart,” Cordova said.

Cordova said her daughter was ready to be a mom. She had the nursey done and had planned on giving birth with her mother in the delivery room.

However, by Saturday afternoon, Cordova could not reach her daughter. She decided to check on her at her apartment.

“I went by there and knocked and knocked and knocked and she wasn’t answering,” Cordova said.

She said she was not home and her phone appeared dead.

“We got to the hospital, they said she wasn’t there,” Cordova said.

She filed a police report with Leon Valley Police. She said something seemed off and they could not get a hold of her boyfriend, either.

“We don’t even know what happened, they said it could be anything,” Cordova said.

This comes at time when Cordova is still grieving the loss of another child.

“It’s hard, it’s like one after another,” Cordova said.

Last year, she said her 15-year-old son was killed. Now, on Christmas Eve, she has no idea where her 18-year-old daughter is.

“It still hurts because what I tell my kids, I’m not complete, I’m not complete and now I don’t have my daughter,” She said.

She is urging anyone with any information to come forward.

“Please come home, no one’s going to judge you, no one is going to say nothing,” Cordova said. “I just want you to be home.”

If you have any information, contact Leon Valley Police at (210) 684-8897.

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