‘Please pray’: College student from New Braunfels reported missing in Corpus Christi

Caleb Harris was letting his dog out early Monday morning when he disappeared. On Wednesday, more than 100 volunteers searched for the missing TAMU-CC student.

NEW BRAUNFELS, Texas — A massive search is underway for a Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi student who disappeared before dawn on Monday.

Caleb Harris, 21, is from New Braunfels. He was last seen at his Corpus Christi apartment in the 1900 block of Ennis Joslin Road, located just a few miles south of campus.

Randall Harris says his son was letting his dog out at about 2:45 a.m. when he vanished.

“At about 2:58 a.m. is when his cell phone either died or was turned off,” said Randall. “The last video we saw of him he was barefoot. He was wearing a white button-down shirt with teal pants.”

According to Randall, Caleb let his dog back into the apartment before his disappearance.

“His wallet, keys and truck were left behind,” said Randall. “His truck was locked. All he had was his cellphone.”

The Harris family told KENS 5 Caleb wouldn’t walk away from home, especially not while barefoot.

“He was ready for the next day, ready for a normal school day,” said Randall. “He was prepping for lunch the next day; he had snacks brought to the apartment. He had been texting me and several friends different lures he was preparing to fish with after school.”

After Caleb’s roommates realized he was missing on Monday, Randall says he drove to Corpus Christi to look for him.  

On Wednesday, the search party expanded to more than 100 volunteers, including police officers, cadets and college students.

“There are people from all over the country here looking for him,” said Randall. “San Antonio, Houston, Fort Worth. There are more people coming down from North Dakota and all over the place. It has been an amazing amount of people, just an outpouring of love and prayers on the spot. In New Braunfels, we have had prayer meetings.”

Becky Harris is desperate for her son’s safe return.

“He loves to fish, that’s why he loves it in Corpus,” said Becky. “He is a social kid who loves to be with his friends and do anything with them outdoors.”

San Antonio private investigator Charlie Parker has been advising the family. He says they conducted a comprehensive social media search and tracked Caleb’s license plate.

“Wherever there are cameras, it takes a picture of that plate and sites it,” said Parker. “So, we sited the truck even though he wasn’t missing in the truck because we wanted to find out if maybe there was a different lifestyle that [his family] didn’t know about. We shared that information with his father and there was nothing unusual about where the truck was going.”

Parker says Caleb’s social media activity appeared normal too.

“The first thing to do is to call the cell phone provider and find out the last phone calls made on that phone,” said Parker. “Randy did that and I believe he gave the information to police.”

So far, search efforts have not uncovered new clues. The Harris family is asking for prayers.

“We need to find Caleb,” said Randall. “He is somewhere. God knows where he is.”



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