Police officer fighting for her life after being struck by car

Edgewood ISD officer Tina Egleston is sedated with broken ribs and a severe brain injury. Her family says she was helping strangers who ran out of gas.

SAN ANTONIO — An Edgewood ISD School Police Officer is in a fight for her life. Tina Egleston is sedated with broken ribs and a severe brain injury.

Over the weekend, family say Egleston was helping strangers who ran out of gas when she was hit by a car. Her niece Jennifer Leslie said the family is hopeful she will pull through.

“It still shocked me to see her helpless,” Leslie said. “One minute, you are okay and the next you are like what if the worst happens.”

Leslie said her aunt was working off-duty directing traffic Saturday when she took a break and went to a gas station.

“Two people had asked for her a ride back to their vehicle that had ran out of gas,” Leslie said . “Of course she gave them a ride, because that is what she does.”

San Antonio Police said this happened off I-35 near the Frost Bank Center. The family believes Egleston was helping the stranded driver when another driver hit the back of her SUV, which then hit the school officer. Another person was also hit, and at last check was stable.

“I knew if she was here right now, and if she knew what was going to happen, she would still do it and put herself in that position,” Leslie said. “She would rather her be injured than somebody else.”

Egleston’s partner and family haven’t left her side. Leslie said the main concern is her brain injury.

“There is fractures in her skull,” she said. “She has some bleeds in her brain.”

Leslie said she is waiting on the day when she can see her aunt, who she calls a superhero, smile again.

“I know it is going to take time,” the niece said. “It is not going to happen overnight.”

Doctors are monitoring the swelling in the brain. Leslie said they should know more later this week, as to what’s next in her aunt’s long medical journey.

KENS 5 did contact SAPD asking for information about the driver who caused the crash, and are still waiting to hear back.

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