Postal worker arrested for stealing credit card from mail of elderly woman, SAPD says

SAN ANTONIO – A United States Postal Service worker was arrested for allegedly stealing a credit card from the mail of an elderly woman on her route, San Antonio police said.

Jessica Rubio, a 31-year-old USPS worker, was escorted to a San Antonio police car on Thursday and arrested for credit card abuse against the elderly. The victim lived in the Medical Center area but SAPD could not confirm how large Rubio’s route is.

According to a police spokesperson, the incident stemmed back to April 10, 2023. A victim reported to SAPD’s Financial Crimes Unit that her credit card was stolen from the mail. The victim reported that fraudulent charges were made with the card.

Detectives found the businesses where the charges were made and used video footage to capture still shots of Rubio. Detectives took the photos to the victim, who identified Rubio as her postwoman. With assistance from USPS, detectives confirmed Rubio’s identity and route.

On Thursday, detectives from the Financial Crime Unit obtained a warrant for Rubio’s arrest and took her into custody without incident. Rubio’s charges are for credit card abuse against the elderly, which is considered a third-degree felony.

SAPD encourages anyone in the Medical Center area who may have had credit cards stolen in the mail to file a police report with the Financial Crimes Unit.

The SAPD spokesperson could not confirm what items or stores Rubio purchased from but did confirm that two charges were made at one store. The second store, and the number of charges, were not revealed.

The spokesperson confirmed that SAPD was working with the USPS on the investigation since the report was made to the Financial Crimes Unit.

SAPD could not confirm if Rubio would face federal charges, or how long she has worked with the USPS.

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