Residents fed up with persistent sewage leak at San Antonio apartment complex

SAN ANTONIO – It’s a dirty problem that won’t go away. The residents of the Brynwood Apartments are dealing with a sewage leak that continues to come back.

“This river of crap has been here almost every week since I moved in,” said Evey Chavez, a resident at the Brynwood Apartments.

Sewage, feces, and used toilet paper run through a portion of the Brynwood Apartment’s parking lot. Tenants say it’s a reoccurring issue.

“It’s like they’re just putting a Band-Aid over a bullet hole wound is what it looks like to me,” said an anonymous tenant.

KSAT first went to the complex on May 13 because of a sewage leak. City code enforcement then gave the complex ten days to fix the issue because it was a health code violation. By May 28, the city said the leak was taken care of, but this weekend, the problem came back.

“I hope they do something righteous for the people of this apartment building, I truly do, but I don’t give a damn; I’m out,” said Chavez.

San Antonio Development Services says the Brynwood Apartments were cited three times on Monday for the sewage leak, because of the the three buildings surrounding it.

An apartment employee did speak to KSAT briefly through a cracked door.

“One of the pumps went out?” asked KSAT’s John Paul Barajas.

“Yes,” said the employee.

“But it keeps happening,” said Barajas.

“They fixed it,” answered the employee.

“It was fixed on Monday, again?” asked Barajas.

“Yes it was,” answered the employee.

“Do you think more needs to be done? Because the fixes that are being made aren’t sufficient,” asked Barajas.

“I just work here,” said the employee.

A spokeswoman with the City of San Antonio’s Development Services Department says the complex manager will have to appear in municipal court for the citations they received; each comes with up to a $300 fine.

If the issue continues, the Brynwood Apartments could be placed in the city’s Proactive Apartments Inspection Program. Registered properties are subject to monthly inspections and will remain in the registry for a minimum of six months.

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