Robot Security starts it’s new job at SAMMinistries shelter

SAN ANTONIO – A new hire for a local security company could change the way business is done and could end up costing clients a lot less to contract.

Texas Veteran Security is unveiling two new robots that will patrol the SAMMinistries shelter in downtown starting this week. The robot known as OR3 Outdoor Security Robot comes from a robotics company in Singapore.

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OTSAW, the robotics company, has other robots working in other parts of the world, but this robot in San Antonio is the first of it’s kind in the North American continent, said Gerard Morales CEO of Texas Veteran Security.

“It’s an autonomous robot, which means it operates by itself. It has its own mapping, so it knows where to go. It has, obstacle avoidance. Two-way communication and 360-degree live recording. So, if somebody’s back in the rear of the location, we’ll be able to know that and they’ll be notified,” Morales said.

The head of security for SAMMinistries Rex Brian says he was skeptical about the robot at first, but once he saw it in action he was on board with how it could help them.

“Were looking at ways to reduce costs without compromising safety here for any of our residents, for any of our staff, for any of the surrounding community. And this is sort of what we’re looking to do now,” Brian said.

The robot is on a 30-day trial basis to see how it performs. But Morales says if it works out it will be very cost efficient for security companies to use robots in certain jobs.

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