Rumor mill: Spurs shopping the No. 8 NBA Draft pick

SAN ANTONIO — The 2024 NBA Draft is inching closer, and according to a report from Yahoo! Sports, the San Antonio Spurs are looking to trade one of their first-round picks.

“San Antonio has also made the No. 8 pick available,” reports Yahoo! Sports.

This does shake things up for the Spurs heading into next week’s draft, but it is not a surprising report, considering the Spurs have been rumored to be looking to trade their first-round picks.

The draft pool is described as “tepid,” it would make sense for the Spurs to move up, down, or out of the draft, but for what? It is an open question.

Trading it for an established point guard would make sense. The Spurs have a young and promising roster, but adding an experienced point guard or player could help them take the next step in their development.

The Spurs could use one of their picks as part of a package to acquire a star player from another team. This would instantly raise the team’s ceiling and make them more competitive in the short term.

Additionally, the team would benefit from using the No. 8 pick to trade for a player who could complement Victor Wembanyama.

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