SAISD’s ‘rightsizing’ plan takes shape with end of school year

SAN ANTONIO – As the school year comes to an end, the San Antonio Independent School District (SAISD) has marked an end for 15 of its schools affected by the district’s “rightsizing” plan.

The plan, which SAISD Board of Trustees voted on last fall, will institute 15 school closures throughout the district.

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Superintendent Dr. Jaime Aquino told parents the closures would allow the district to reduce resources and be more efficient as enrollment drops.

Earlier this year, SAISD closed all of its campuses for several days after widespread heating system failures caused frigid temperatures in classrooms. Two district leaders submitted resignation letters following the closures.

The district released a 38-page report earlier this month detailing findings that led to the closures.

Regarding the “rightsizing” conversation, the district held a community meeting on Thursday evening, the end of the school year, to discuss the future of one school: Tynan Earl Childhood Education Center.

The city proposed using the campus temporarily to house the Ella Austin Community Center while the latter’s building undergoes renovations.

While no immediate decisions were made on Thursday, if the proposal is greenlit, then the community center would move into the Tynan building for two years with an option to renew.

SAISD’s Facilities Repurposing Panel will continue exploring options for the affected campuses. Their next meeting is June 17.

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