Salazar asks for video of illegal party leaving one woman dead and another person shot

Salazar says they don’t believe the building should be occupied as officials found illegal hookups for water and electricity.

SAN ANTONIO — One woman has died and one man is sent to the hospital after a shooting took place at an illegal party on the far southwest side of San Antonio Saturday, according to BCSO Sheriff Javier Salazar. 

The incident occurred around 4 a.m. at an old Knights’ of Columbus hall on the 8000 block of Old Pearsall Road. 

Salazar says a rave type party advertised on social media is where the shooting occurred after officials found a woman in her early 20s dead on the scene and a man in his late 20s shot and sent to the hospital.

Officials believe a disagreement occurred between some groups of people when the woman was shot and died on the scene. 

Near 20 witnesses stayed behind to speak to police but were not providing much information, BCSO says.

“Just extremely frustrating that a little girl 21 years of age is now dead and nobody is able to give us enough information,” Salazar said.

Officials believe there are people who know what happened and even shot video during the party. They are asking those people to come forward. Salazar says there is video of the woman dying. 

“It’s pretty disturbing. We do have information from some of the witnesses that people sat there and videotaped this little girl as she was dying taking her last breath. That’s about as cold-blooded and disturbing as you can get. This little girl is dying and gasping for air and they’re videotaping her as she’s dying,” Salazar said.

Officials also believe there were some type of employees at the party such as bartenders and security guards who they would also like to hear from.   

Salazar says they don’t believe the building should be occupied as officials found illegal hookups for water and electricity. 

One man was arrested on the scene due to a warrant for possession of a controlled substance and possession of handgun. Salazar says he can’t confirm the person arrested is responsible for the shooting. 

Officials say there could be several shooters and urge anyone with information or video to contact them at 210-335-6000 or email at

Salazar said attending the party is not necessarily illegal so is asking anyone who may have information or shot video during the incident to come forward. 

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