San Antonio-area woman sues Toyota salesman who allegedly stole nude photos

A shopping trip to Universal Toyota last June is now the subject of a civil suit after a Guadalupe County woman accused a salesman of stealing naked photos and videos from her phone while she attempted to purchase a vehicle, according to a San Antonio Express-News article from Tuesday, March 14.

According to the woman, the deeply personal photos and videos were obtained by a salesman when she handed her phone over to him to help her email bank statements to prove her financial means to support the purchase.

“He said, ‘Oh, I do this all the time. I know exactly how to get it. And so if you let me do it, (it’ll) speed things up,’” said David E. Dunham, who represents the woman. “So she trusts him and handed over her phone.”

The salesman stepped away from her, and then reportedly began scrolling through her phone, finding naked photos and videos of her and her now-husband that he sent to his own phone before wiping the messages from hers, according to the Express-News report.

She later came across the text messages backed up on her Apple iCloud storage later that month. Now she is seeking lawful retribution on the grounds of fraud, breach of fiduciary duty, and intrusion on seclusion based on invasion of privacy, the Express-News reports.

The woman’s legal representation says they are suing former Universal Toyota salesman Connor M. Griffin and the dealership for more than $1 million in damages. She has also reportedly sought counseling to deal with the resulting trauma since the alleged incident occurred.

“Emotionally and mentally, this has been traumatic for her,” Dunham said in the Express-News article. “(The car) serves as a daily reminder of this incredible invasion.”

Following the lawsuit’s filing, the woman’s legal counsel requested a “high” amount to settle the suit, but those representing Universal Toyota “responded it was not in a position to negotiate,” according to the Express-News report.

After the incident, which reportedly involved Griffin taking 14 photos and three videos, the woman filed a complaint with the San Antonio Police Department that resulted in Griffin’s arrest, which was issued on November 2. He was released on a $25,000 bond and the case is still pending, according to the Express-News report.

The woman also informed management at Universal Toyota about Griffin’s actions, but they wouldn’t fire Griffin “because it was his word against hers,” the Express-News reports. However, Griffin is reportedly no longer an employee at Universal Toyota. The woman also went on to launch a complaint with Toyota’s corporate office, but they failed to reply, Dunham said in the article.

The dealership and Griffin haven’t responded to the lawsuit filed in February with the state District Court in San Antonio, according to the Express-News. 

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