San Antonio LBGTQIA+ Community host vigil for Nex Benedict

The 16-year-old Oklahoma non-binary teen died the day after being attacked in a school bathroom.

SAN ANTONIO — Organizers of Saturday night’s vigil said they want to bring awareness to the community about the issues that are arising within the transgender community.

“Our community is much more vulnerable and open to attacks, like the ones that we saw with, Nex Benedict.  Not just Nex Benedict, but also Chevy Hill, which is a black trans man who was killed in Atlanta, Georgia, just last week,” said Sofia Sepulveda, Field Director, Equality Texas.

Candles, bubbles and a moment of silence were used to mourn and honor the lives of Nex and Chevy.

“We see our children being attacked. We’re seeing our kids being murdered, because we are different,” said Sepulveda.

Sepulveda said if you don’t understand someone who’s trans, talk with them.

“Befriend somebody who’s trans. You probably already know somebody who is trans,” said Sepulveda.

Leo Castillo said he was a trans kid who attended Thomas Jefferson High School and wants teens to know there are resources if you need help.

“I hit rock bottom, you know, and I know that it’s not easy. It’s hard, you know, getting back up, but just try. You have to try every day, get connected to people that love you,”  said Castillo.

Organizers said they also want to send a message to legislators to start learning about trans individuals, and they are encouraging the community to vote.

“It’s election time. Come out and vote. and make sure that you’re voting with your heart, not with your wallet,” said Sepulveda

Organizers also want Nex’s death to not be in vain. They want everyone to understand that if we’re not protecting the most vulnerable, the we are failing the rest of us. 

If you are an LGBTQIA+ individual, and need support, you can click here for more information.

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