San Antonio man gets 30 years for 2021 hostage situation that ended with wife’s death

Angel Sanchez broke a no-contact order when he arrived at his common-law wife’s home with a body armor and shotgun in 2021, authorities said.

SAN ANTONIO — A San Antonio man who pleaded no contest to charges of murder, kidnapping and assault in connection with a deadly 2021 hostage situation was sentenced to 30 years in prison by a Bexar County judge Thursday. 

Angel Sanchez’s charges stemmed from a situation in which he violated a no-contact order with his then-common-law wife in July of 2021, cutting off his ankle monitor and holding the victim, Neida Tijerina, and three kids hostage in their home. Police said at the time he arrived at the apartment with a shotgun and body armor.  

At some point, after a lengthy standoff that saw 30-year-old Sanchez apparently taunting officers on scene to confront him, he exited the apartment and aimed the shotgun at law enforcement. Officers on the roof then opened fire, hitting him. 

Tijerina, however, died from a gunshot wound sustained in the confrontation. Chief William McManus said at the time that “physical evidence appears to support the conclusion” that she died from a stray bullet when officers fired at Sanchez. 

Tijerina’s death leveed criticism against the San Antonio Police Department that summer, with an attorney saying, “when you have situations like this, it overshadows all the good that has taken place in the city.”

A statement provided by District Attorney Joe Gonzales’s office after the sentence was handed down acknowledged Tijerina’s death. 

“A young mother lost her life and her children will never know their mother’s love,” Gonzales said in the statement. “They are all victims, and they deserved so much better.”



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