San Antonio nonprofit helps kids learn to ride bikes safely

SAN ANTONIO – Getting kids to play outside and learn to ride a bike can be a challenge, but once they do it, they will have fun.

Cristina Solorzano with Ghisallo Cycling San Antonio is trying to ensure kids are safe when riding their bikes.

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Part of that is hosting classes, programs and trail rides with those who are part of a bike club.

“We teach kids a lot of cycling rules and cycling safety skills that will make them the leaders in their community,” Solorzano said. “They also try to teach kids that they can go anywhere on a bike and see different parts of their community. They don’t have to drive a car. They don’t have to get on the bus. They can hop on their bicycle and go around their neighborhood and see what’s out there.”

She strongly encourages families to get kids comfortable on a bike or a scooter as soon as they can walk.

Balance bikes are a great way to help them learn how to balance their bodies and suggests parents avoid training wheels altogether.

“Because their legs act as the training wheels. So if you start doing that, the kids will learn to balance their body (and) learn to balance on their two wheels. And when do you see them being able to just scoot around everywhere and just fly on their two wheels with their feet in the air? That’s when you know they’re ready for pedals,” she said.

For parents whose children are older and have not yet learned to ride a bike, she says it’s never too late to show some patience and encouragement.

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