San Antonio teen walks out of gas station where she was working, and is never seen again

“It’s broken me down. I pray every night. Everybody really misses her, really loves her and we just want to know she’s safe. We want her to come home.”

SAN ANTONIO — On November 11th, 2023, Jasmine Lesane walked out of a 7-Eleven store on the 12000 block of Jones-Maltsburger Road in broad daylight, and was never heard from again.

Lesane was working at the store, promoting a water brand. She had an incident with the store manager, and he asked her to leave.

Pictures of video surveillance show Jasmine walking out of the store, and taking a right turn. It was just after noon, when she walked out of the store.

“I was trying to call her phone, because we usually check in with her every like hour, hour and a half or so and it was going straight to voicemail,” Jessica Gunther, Jasmine’s mother said.

Gunther says Jasmine’s phone has never been turned back on. She says her daughters disappearance has caused her sleepless night. Gunther says this experience has broken her down, and she prays everything for Jasmine’s return.

Gunther describes her daughter as an introvert, who doesn’t have many friends, doesn’t use social media, and does not have a history of drug abuse or mental health issues.

“It’s not like her at all. We always keep in touch with each other, and we eat dinner (together) every night,” Gunther said.

San Antonio Police are asking anyone with information about Jasmine’s whereabouts to contact their missing person’s unit at 210-207-7660. 

Gunther says not having answers has been tough on the family, and her siblings.

“Everybody really misses her, really loves her, and we just want to know she’s safe.  We want her to come home.” Said Gunther.

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