San Antonio teenager threatened mass violence before purchasing firearm, FBI says

A law prevented Trevin Boone from leaving the gun shop with a rifle. Boone allegedly threatened to kill himself and ‘take at least 12 people to hell’

SAN ANTONIO — A San Antonio teenager was arrested for threatening mass violence, court records show.

Trevin Boone, 19, also purchased a firearm last week. However, a new federal law prevented him from walking out of a local gun shop with the weapon.

The FBI said they received a tip that someone made threats in a messaging platform called Kik. It happened on Dec. 19, 2023.

“I will be on the news shortly,” Boone said in the post, according to court documents. “My name is Jeremy Hazen. Google me in about three days, I’m not joking and I’m not going to just shoot myself. I’m going to take many with me, I will not face the abyss of darkness alone. Remember my name, you [will] be seeing it on the news and inside articles. I’m located in El Paso, Texas, you all know something ahead of time. My name is Jeremy Haze, I will be taking at least 12 people with me to hell. The world will only wish that they were made aware of what I have told you today.”

Federal agents tracked the user’s IP address to a San Antonio home and a woman allegedly identified the user as her son, 19-year-old Trevin Boone.

Authorities say they interviewed Boone in May, but he claimed he was “high on drugs” when he made the comments.

Further investigation revealed Boone had been arrested last year for allegedly shoplifting at a local Target store. San Antonio officers said the teenager had a BB gun, narcotics, ballistics armor and a trench coat. When officers asked what the armor was for, Boone allegedly responded “in case there is a mass shooting.”

On June 13, the FBI learned Boone purchased a rifle and several AR-15 magazines from Nagel’s Gun Shop on San Pedro Avenue. He was only able to leave with the magazines, though, due to a federal law that puts a 15-day hold on firearms purchased by anyone under the age of 21.

Local Congressman Tony Gonzales supported the ‘Safer Communities Act’ in wake of the Uvalde school massacre in 2022.

“Many mass shootings have been prevented since the enactment of this legislation, which places a greater focus on juvenile and mental health records,” US Rep. Gonzales said in a statement. “We can protect the 2nd amendment while also saving people’s lives. As our kids go back to school soon, it’s also critical that we do everything possible to improve campus security. Just today, I held a roundtable at NEISD with leadership and school safety experts where many of these issues were discussed. I’m focused on ensuring that our schools have the training and resources to neutralize threats. In today’s environment, we have to be proactive to keep our kids safe and protect against mass violence.”

Boone was arrested and charged with ‘Interstate Communication of a Threat.’ If convicted, he could face up to 5 years in prison and up to $250,000 in fines.

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