San Antonio Zoo celebrates Mother’s Day with baby boom of endangered species

SAN ANTONIO – The San Antonio Zoo is celebrating Mother’s Day with a baby boom of endangered species.

Zoo officials said while they celebrate all new animal births, some are more meaningful because they help secure a future for some wildlife.

To celebrate, the zoo is offering a Mother’s Day brunch on Sunday with breakfast and beverages in its Africa Live! venue. Visitors can also save $5 on standard admission tickets with the promo code SPRINGTIME.

In recent months, the following babies were born at the zoo:

  • One Addra Gazelle (critically endangered)
  • One Armstrong’s Dusky Rattlesnake
  • One Fairy Bluebird
  • One Francois’ Langur (endangered)
  • One Great Blue Turaco
  • One Mindanao Bleeding-Heart Dove (vulnerable)
  • One Northern White-Cheeked Gibbon (critically endangered)
  • Four Palm Cockatoos
  • Three Psychedelic Rock Gecko’s (endangered)
  • One Raggiana Bird-of-Paradise
  • One Red Bird-of-Paradise

“What better way to celebrate Mother’s Day than with the arrival of all the new moms and babies at San Antonio Zoo,” said Tim Morrow, President & CEO of San Antonio Zoo. “Our recent baby boom is a momentous occasion for wildlife conservation, and a testament to the world-class care from the animal care staff at San Antonio Zoo. We can’t wait for visitors to meet the new residents and learn just how important these babies and moms are to securing a future for their species. Happy Mother’s Day!”

The zoo’s Center for Conservation and Research works to secure a future for wildlife worldwide by participating in fieldwork and captive husbandry of rare and threatened species.

In December, the San Antonio Zoo was recognized by the Zoological Association of America for being the only known institution in the United States to successfully breed the endangered psychedelic rock gecko.

The zoo also set a new record for the critically endangered Puerto Rican crested toad by sending more than 18,000 tadpoles to Puerto Rico last year.

Click here to learn more about the zoo’s conservation efforts.

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