Scorpion Season is here | As we head into spring, beware the sting!

As temperatures change, scorpions begin to pop up everywhere, especially at your house. Here’s how you can protect your home from the critters.

SAN ANTONIO — Typically, scorpion season is from July to August but some homeowners are already seeing the critters creep into their homes. KENS 5 spoke with Scorpion Pest Elimination LLC to see what you can do to protect your home. 

Sam Braswell is the owner and operator of his family-run business.

“I cannot tell you how many times I have pulled scorpions out of the bottom of pools, or had callbacks because scorpions have gotten into pools,” Braswell said.

He says the busiest time of year for his business was June last year. Braswell says scorpions look for what he calls “air curtains” when the air conditioning tries to keep it cool from inside the home.

“Because of that pressurization inside the house, any kind of leaks or seals inside the house is like an air curtain escaping into the environment,” he said.

Braswell advises sealing these holes with steel wool or copper mesh. Don’t forget to check your pool drains!

Missy Davis is the brand ambassador for Veteran Air, an air conditioning and heating business that is also client of Scorpion Pest Elimination LLC.

“I’ve been stung by a scorpion and a centipede, so I don’t deal with scorpions well,” Davis said. “I don’t deal with bugs well.”

With 10 and a half acres of land, they put Braswell’s business to the test.

“We deal a lot with scorpions when we’re working,” she said.

Braswell says the easiest solution to combat scorpions could be as simple as tidying up your backyard. Especially keeping firewood stacked away from your home.

“Even a kiddie pool, how many kiddie pools do you see in the yard that are just filled up and are left there throughout the whole summer,” he said. “Guess what? Those are perfect spots for scorpions to hide.”

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