Silver and Black fans are roasting each other for their Spurs trade proposals

Spurs fans are ruthless when it comes to made-up trade proposals. 🀣

SAN ANTONIO β€” When it comes to basketball, there’s no better fanbase in the NBA than San Antonio Spurs fans.

They will defend any slight made at the Spurs, wear team gear, and share photos on social media of attending games with family and friends.

And yes, they have plenty of intra-fanbase online wars!

However, a line is drawn when it comes to shared trade proposals in an effort to make the Spurs a better roster.

If a fan shares their trade ideas on social media and it doesn’t add up, Spurs fans will roast them into oblivion.

Recently, some brave Spurs fans took to NBA trade machines online and posted their trade ideas.

Needless to say, these ‘General Managers” were met with Spurs fans eager to tear them and their trade ideas to shreds.

Here is a sample of the chaos created by fans thinking they have the chops to create a better Spurs roster and the hilarious reactions:

It is understandable fans are thrilled about the imminent arrival of Victor Wembanyama and the possibility of the Spurs getting back to the top of the NBA sooner than later.

However, some of these fan-made trades are wild and will never happen in real life.

The big lesson to take away is to stay away from the trade machines and if you do, don’t share it publicly.

But if you do dare to share your Spurs trade ideas, put on your helmet and get thick skin because fans will be brutal!

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