Six years after the disappearance of San Antonio mother, family continues search for answers

The family of Amalia “Molly” Garza marked her birthday by handing out flyers in the area believed to be her last known location.

SAN ANTONIO — What should be a day of celebration is filled with heartache instead.

It is the birthday of a local mom who disappeared six years ago and her family spent the day passing out flyers in a new area around Bulverde hoping to generate a clue that will lead to answers.

It is the story of a family who says they simply will not give up.

Family and friends are investing sweat equity into the search for Amalia “Molly” Garza.

Her younger brother, Cesario Garza said, “This place is the last known place where she was known to be so that’s why we’re here today on her birthday.”

Lori Wittmeyer of Search & Support San Antonio said, “We’re nearby where Molly was last seen. She disappeared March 1, 2018.”

They’re spreading the word near where she disappeared, west of Highway 281 somewhere off Highway 46.

Molly’s sister-in-law, Priscilla Garza said, “Actually right down the road from here, about a five minute drive. They were on their way to Bulverde, exactly where we don’t know, just in this area. She went missing and we haven’t heard from her or seen her at all.”

Family members said Molly called a relative to say she was on her way to a party at a home nearby – connected to her boyfriend, Steven Rendon, who is serving time in prison for attacking and kidnapping another woman after Molly disappeared.

They hope a new audience might lead to new clues even if she is not found alive.

“You never know when we will find the one person who will be able to provide us with information to solve this mystery and to help us bring Molly home,” Wittmeyer said.

The family planned to hand out 500 flyers in honor of Molly’s birthday.  The flyers include the number for the SAPD Missing Persons Unit:  210-207-7660.

The family said they realize not everybody is comfortable talking to the police, so on the flyer they also have numbers to reach out to the family directly.

Sylvia can be reached at 830-499-4199 or Cesario can be reached at 210-719-6568.


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