On the can and on the lam: Burglars leave stinky surprise at historic King William home

SAN ANTONIO — Thieves target a historic San Antonio home that’s undergoing restoration. The homeowner says the most offensive part isn’t what the criminals took… it’s what they left behind. The home may look familiar. It’s the old Solon Stewart House, built in the 1890’s. It made headlines in 2016 when it was moved from … Read more

To curb violent crime, San Antonio police are trying something new

The San Antonio Police Department is using a new strategy to curb violent crime. The plan’s first prong simply requires officers to sit in their cars. SAN ANTONIO — San Antonio police are using a new strategy to reduce killings, robberies, and assaults.  The comprehensive method, designed by UTSA criminology professor Michael Smith, cut violent … Read more

Jury in Andre McDonald murder trial to resume deliberations Friday morning

The winter storm put court proceedings on hold for two days after the defendant took the stand, and confessed to killing his wife. SAN ANTONIO — After discussing the evidence for several hours Thursday afternoon, the jury deliberating over a verdict in the Andre McDonald murder trial has left for the day and will reconvene … Read more

Transmission line outages which utilities couldn’t control left thousands of people without power this week

Transmission lines maintained by the Lower Colorado River Authority led to outages in Boerne, New Braunfels, and San Antonio. Local utilities waited for repairs. SAN ANTONIO — More than 2500 customers were without power in Boerne Thursday morning. Normally, the outages would be due to local equipment failures and, most often, power lines collapsing due … Read more

UT Women’s Basketball team raises thousands for new Uvalde school

SAN ANTONIO — The University of Texas’s women basketball team announced it was donating more than $42,000 to the Uvalde CISD Moving Forward Foundation’s effort to construct a new elementary school in the aftermath of the Robb Elementary shooting.  Ticket sales from an October basketball game brought in $42,706. The foundation also said several others … Read more