Taking a ride down Catapult Falls on Texas Outdoors

It’s like taking a ride on a roller coaster, holding a five gallon bucket of water. But, Catapult Falls can help you beat the Texas heat.

SAN ANTONIO — Who’s going to turn down an invitation to SeaWorld? That’s what I first thought when I opened the email, asking us to come try the park’s newest ride.

We are the first. This is the first of it’s kind in the world,” says Chuck Cureau with SeaWorld. Catapult Falls is the world’s first ‘Launch Flume Coaster”… meaning it has all the features of a typical flume ride, plus the added benefit of an elevator that takes you up 56 feet and, in mid-ride a launch strip that hurls you at 30 feet per second.

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Outside of park personnel, I and some of my KENS-5 team members were the some of the first to ride the ride. It almost took me back to my childhood, visiting a rival park and riding their log flume… only this one is much faster.

It site onthe site of the park’s very first ride, also a log flume ride, called Texas Splashtown. “It was old and becoming a little dated, so we re-purposed the site and brought in something that has never been done,” says Cureau.

It also has a surprise for park visitors who think they’re just going to watch as their family and friends ride. Cureau says “there’s a splash area outside of the ride that if you’re standing there, your loved ones, your friends they’re going to get drenched. SO this ride is perfect for the Texas summer heat!”

That area is just beyond the flume drop, where the elevator takes logs up to the launch site, lets riders sit for just a moment…then plunges them down a 53 degree angled chute into that cool water.

Once thing is certain, riders have a new reason to head to SeaWorld, starting in the 2024 Spring Break, and you can bet there will be long lines to ride “Catapult Falls” when the Texas heat pushes temperatures toward the top of the thermometer!

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