Teen accused of killing mom with shotgun ordered detained, next hearing set for July

The teen has reportedly had hallucinations in the past and was treated for mental health issues years ago, but had been without access to medication for some time.

SAN ANTONIO — The grandmother and a couple of siblings showed up first in Judge Cruz Shaw’s court Thursday morning, followed by numerous other relatives or neighbors.

Some of them told prosecutors they wanted to have their say in the matter of a 16-year-old charged with shooting and killing his mother with a shotgun on Tuesday on Delgado Street.

The medical examiner confirms 37-year-old Luz Aurora Gonzalez died as a result of the attack.

The grandmother broke into quiet sobs when the stocky, curly-haired teen shuffled into the courtroom, shackled with a chain on his ankles and restrained by handcuffs as well.

Called to the bench to answer to the charges, Shaw told the teen he had reviewed police reports related to the incident and found there was enough probable cause to proceed with a detention hearing.

A juvenile probation representative told the judge this appearance was the teen’s first referral to the department, adding they had talked with the teen’s father and was told the boy has had issues with hallucinations in the past and had been treated for mental health issues years ago, but had been without access to medication for some time.  

The officer went on to say the teen has no history of running away and the father has been trying to get full custody of the teen.

Due to the possibility of drug use in the home where the boy had been living, both probation and the prosecutor’s office asked the judge to order that the teen should remain detained.

The prosecutor told the judge “There is a weapon that was used. Someone has died in this case and he is a danger to himself and others.”

The teen’s defense attorney told the judge he had not had time to review all the facts of the case but he could be better prepared to offer an alternative placement when the teen returns to court in ten days.

With the help of an interpreter, the teen’s father told the judge “The only thing I can say is that I know he did wrong here,” adding there are factors to consider.

“The mom should not have been there. She was not a good person,” the dad said, adding there was an order in place to keep her from the children.  

The teen remained silent when the judge asked him if he had anything to say for himself, so Shaw ordered him to return for his next detention hearing on July 3. 

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