Temporary restraining order to prevent cleanup around Fort Worth hotel extended as lawsuits mount

So far, attorneys have filed seven different lawsuits on behalf of 21 people. Each plaintiff wants a jury to decide how much money to award the injured.

FORT WORTH, Texas — A Dallas County judge has extended a temporary restraining order preventing cleanup or debris removal from the site of the Sandman Signature Fort Worth Hotel explosion until Feb. 2. 

“Plaintiff has shown that if the cleanup or site restoration is not ceased immediately, irreparable harm will likely result,” the order states.

This order was extended on behalf of Jose Mira, who filed a lawsuit against the owners of the hotel and the restaurant where the explosion occurred after he was severely injured.

Attorneys so far have filed seven lawsuits on behalf of 21 plaintiffs who claim they were injured or adversely affected by the Jan. 8 explosion at Sandman Signature hotel in Fort Worth.

A valet attendant who was working outside, feet away from the explosion, filed the most recent suit Friday. The blast left him “covered in blood,” the suit says. 

Though the lawsuits blame different entities, each claims those defendants should’ve known a gas leak made the building dangerous. Each plaintiff wants a jury to decide how much to award the injured. 

A Dallas County judge Friday extended a temporary restraining order that halted cleanup work. To preserve potential evidence, crews will not be allowed to remove debris until at least Feb. 2. 

Portions of the hotel remained exposed on Sunday, including the conference room where one plaintiff says he was giving a presentation during the explosion. 

Attorneys so far have filed suits on behalf of two people who were working inside Musume, a restaurant located in the hotel’s bottom floor. Also filing suit are seven hotel guests, eight hotel employees and two of those employees’ spouses, the valet driver, and another man who was in a different building and says he was injured running away from the explosion. 

All of the lawsuits name property owner Northland Developments as a defendant. Six suits name as defendants natural gas supplier Atmos Energy, Sandman hotel management, and Musume or its owner, Rock Libations. 

Fort Worth Fire Department investigators are still trying to determine what caused the explosion and which entity is responsible. Atmos Energy claims its natural gas infrastructure is not to blame for the incident.

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