Texans go big, literally! Massive new H-Town jersey put on Sam Houston Statue

HUNTSVILLE, Texas — We’ve pretty much all driven past it at one point in our lives, but on Tuesday, the Sam Houston Statue along I-45 in Huntsville looked a little different than usual.

The world’s tallest statue of an American hero was rocking some new threads.

A giant jersey was draped over the 67-foot-tall landmark to honor the Texans’ new uniform reveal. The team said it weighed 200 pounds.

The team chose to put their new color rush jersey on the statue. The jersey features “H-Town” draped across the chest.

The Texans revealed four new uniforms on Tuesday. The team chose to only slightly tweak their Deep Steel Blue and Liberty White uniforms. But the color rush and alternate uniforms now look significantly different.

Both the color rush helmets (Old-English-styled H) and the alternate helmets (horns) feature a new design. Take a look at all four uniforms below:

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