Texas dog recovering after suffering severe burns in house fire

The dog is recovering at Pearl’s Place in Temple, and they are asking for donations to help with her recovery.

TEMPLE, Texas — Editor’s Note | Videos and images that can be viewed in the embedded Instagram post contain graphic content and may be disturbing to some readers. 

Serafina, a dog that was reportedly left alone in a house fire, is continuing her long road to recovery at Pearl’s Place in Temple. 

According to Pearl’s Place, Serafina was left behind in a house fire at the end of February and police found her among the ashes, suffering from severe burns.

Serafina was taken to the Humane Society of Central Texas and is now continuing her recovery at Pearl’s Place, a safe haven for dogs that specializes in skin and coat rescue cases. The pitbull-mix pup has been there for 10 days as of March 12.

“Compared to 10 days ago, she’s doing amazing,” said Lisa Kathan, founder of Pearl’s Place. “I mean, she really has healed fairly quickly for being a burn. She doesn’t sleep as much as she did when she first came in. She’s kind of getting in the routine of when we oil her or bathe her. She understands what it’s all about now when we take care of her ears, but she’s been an amazing patient.”

With some oils, medicine and even a hydro-massage ozone, Serafina has been able to be active with other dogs and even play outside. 

“It’s pretty much every hour you’re putting something on, ” Kathan said, describing the care she provides to the dog. “You want the skin to stay moist, you want it to heal, you want it to be fed and you want to make sure there’s no infection.”

Kathan said Serafina has recovered fairly quickly from the burns she suffered.

“I hope that it was just heat and the fire never actually got her,” Kathan said “Her ears had it the worst, but you know, they’re so thin that it just curled them right up. Just adds personality to her.”

CUDDLY, a fundraising and wish list platform dedicated to helping non-profit animal organizations around the world, featured Serafina and Pearl’s Place on its Instagram page. 

The Instagram post reads the following:

“The extent of her injuries demands a long and arduous recovery, but the resilient spirit within this brave pup continues to shine through the anguish. The stark contrast between the horrors she’s endured and the tenacity with which she clings to life is a testament to the will of animals to survive and want to be loved.⁠”

CUDDLY is asking for people to give donations to Pearl’s Place and Serafina’s ongoing specialized treatment. CUDDLY says these donations will allow Serafina’s extensive recovery process to continue and give her the best chance at a pain-free future.

Pearl’s Place has been posting updates on Serafina since she arrived at the facility. In one of their Facebook posts they state, “This puppy is truly a God sent. Serafina has every right to not want to be touched, to fight the process and to scream every time we touch her. Instead, she looks to us for comfort and love.”

Serafina is showing resiliency on her road to recovery. Kathan said that, as a non-profit, they do a lot or as much as they can with what they’ve got, but support from the community is what allows them to keep saving dogs.

“Donations or share us on social media because the larger the following we have — the more dogs we can help,” Kathan said, explaining how the community can help.

To view more information on Serafina’s journey, visit here.

To reach the donation page for Serafina and Pearl’s Place, visit here.

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