The Rustic, popular restaurant and music venue, abruptly closes at The Rim

But the restaurant also teased a potential rebirth elsewhere.

SAN ANTONIO — The Rustic at The Rim, a popular northwest-side restaurant and concert venue, closed without advance notice earlier this week. Several patrons spoke to KENS 5 expressing confusion at the establishment’s sudden closure.

They say they are in disbelief and shared their disappointment.

“It’s a shame to kind of see something like a venue like this not be able to make it, or shut down suddenly,” said Catherine Law.

Many former customers coming by the location this week are now being met with signs on the door announcing the closure.

“Just really surprised, because it’s such a popular place, that it just was so abrupt,” Law said. “No one really saw it coming.”

The Rustic cited ongoing highway construction in its signage, saying that it affected access to the establishment on nights and weekends, resulting in their decision to close. 

“I know on the weekends it was very tough to get here, to get to this area,” said Raul Quintero. “You had to find back ways. A lot of people just didn’t want to come out here because of the construction.”

Quintero just moved to San Antonio from Houston and says this was one of his favorite spots back home. He called the closure of the Rustic here in San Antonio “disappointing.”

“It was a nice music venue—good food, good beer,” he said. “It’ll be missed.”  

Apart from disappointment, many also remember memories they made there. 

“I’ve been here several times over the years since it’s opened,” Law said. “Great food, waitstaff was always so nice. I have a lot of really good memories with the music, going on a few dates.”

But the sign on the restaurant’s locked door also teased a potential resurrection elsewhere, saying “we are actively exploring new opportunities to bring The Rustic’s authentic experience to an even more accessible and vibrant location.”

“I hope they open up soon in this area now that I’m moving back,” said Quintero.

KENS 5 also spoke with several employees from other restaurants off camera. Those employees say they understand the concern the business had with construction impacting their business.

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