‘They need to fix it!’ | Suspect booked into Bexar County Detention Center using high school student’s identity

Brayden Prasse is fearful his future is in jeopardy because police arrested a suspect who used the teen’s ID to get booked into jail–twice.

CONVERSE, Texas — Xaveria Tucker doesn’t play games with anyone regarding her children. Her oldest son, Brayden Prasse, knows his mother will support and hold him accountable.

“I’m a good student on and off the field,” Prasse said. “School. God. Focus on what you have to do.”   

The 17-year-old said that if he doesn’t follow the rules, his 39-year-old mother can face his shortcomings with consequences. 

“Because if I don’t correct you now, society will correct you,” Tucker said. 

The Wagner High School student’s days revolve around his love for football, personal training, schoolwork, and more football.

“The dream for Brayden is for Brayden to pursue his dreams,” Tucker said.

Football camps and trips out of town are costly but a worthy investment for his parents to secure a promising future for their son. 

When marketing fliers started flooding their mailbox in February, Tucker thought nothing of it—until even more started coming. The mother of two said lawyers wanted to represent her son for multiple crimes.

According to Tucker, she put her son’s name in the Bexar County online criminal record system expecting to see nothing, and it popped up three times.

“I had no words. I was screaming for him,” She said. “I was screaming for my husband—because I’m like— I know what I’m looking at—what I’m reading cannot be possible.”

Prasse said he got a text from his mother at school with screenshots of criminal charges for three charges from two criminal cases for evading arrest and burglary of a vehicle.

“And she’s just asking me questions like, don’t lie. Have you ever been arrested?” Prasse said. “I’m like, no, ma’am. I’ve never been in trouble with the law before.”  

Tucker started digging into the charges. She discovered one evading arrest charge came from the Converse Police Department, and it happened on February 21st.

“Mom has been the attorney; Momma has been the investigator,” She said.

According to the real estate agent, her vibrant passion for clearing her son’s name was not received well at Converse PD.

The second case attached to her son’s name was at the San Antonio Police Department. The incident, per an SAPD police report, happened on April 28th around 2 am. The charges were for evading arrest and burglary to a vehicle.

Tucker said SAPD referred her to the Bexar County Detention. The detention center sent her back to the police. She was getting nowhere.

In the Converse case, Tucker couldn’t get a mugshot. But the SAPD case produced an image that she showed to her son.

“I just don’t know how to feel about it. I can’t wrap my head around it,” Prasse said.

The high school junior recognized the suspect in the mugshot from previous years in school, and they had been friends and teammates. He said they had not seen each other since freshman year.

According to court records, the two share the same birth month and day, and Prasse is a year older than the juvenile suspect.

KENS 5 is not sharing the teen’s name because he is a juvenile. We can confirm he is 16.

Armed with the mugshot, Tucker said no one wanted to clear her son’s name and record.

“This child looks nothing like my son,” She said. “They’re not even the same skin color.”

Tucker said she prayed, and God said, “Call Marvin Hurst.”

KENS 5 was able to confirm through attendance records that Prasse was at Wagner High School on the days when the teen suspect got arrested.

A mugshot connected to Prasse’s name got requested and released to KENS 5 from the Bexar County Detention Center.

A Bexar County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Johnny Garcia said the teen admitted he wasn’t Prasse in the April arrest. Garcia said they confirmed the boy’s story when a parent brought a birth certificate and other credentials to prove his real identity.

Garcia said they released the 16-year-old suspect from the adult jail. Why the teen did not transfer to juvenile detention for the criminal charges remains unanswered.

“And then for somebody racked up all these charges, and they’re not even in jail,” Tucker said. “But my son is in jail mentally and physically, emotionally.” 

San Antonio Police said when an officer arrested the teen in April for the incident at an apartment complex in the 8800 block of Cinnamon Creek, they verified his identity with the existing picture in the system.

“SAPD Officers followed procedures to identify and book the suspect for the charges listed on the report,” Sgt Washington Moscoso said.

The initial arrest under Prasse’s name happened with Converse PD. Tucker said their mistake made her fearful to almost let Prasse out of her sight.

“I can’t let him drive. Because what happens if you (he) get(s) pulled over?” She said. “I can’t let him go anywhere with his siblings. I can’t let him go anywhere with his cousins. So I feel like I have to watch my son 24/7, just to make sure he’s safe.” 

Lt. Jeffrey Shook with Converse police said in the February 21st incident, the teen who used Prasse’s name was in a vehicle with two suspects in Converse’s North Hampton. The car pretended to pull over for a traffic stop, and he said as the officer exited his vehicle, the car took off.

Shook said the vehicle would not stop. They eventually backed out of the chase, but the three suspects got stuck in a ditch.

Police said they caught the three. The 16-year-old old suspect gave the officer the wrong name. The other two suspects complied with the law.

According to Shook, the arresting officer discovered the false identity on March 6. Shook said the department called the Bexar County District Attorney’s office to refile the case against the right suspect.

Court records show the charges got dismissed because the case involved a juvenile, and the charges remained on Prasse’s record.

“He’s nobody to me now,” Prasse said. “He’s wrong for what he did. I still forgive him. But that’s not my friend.”

KENS 5 called District Attorney Joe Gonzales about Prasse’s case. His office reviewed it immediately. 

“When the justice system goes wrong, our office works to make it right,” Gonzales said. “Our Conviction Integrity Unit is assisting Brayden Prasse in clearing his record.”

Gonzales also his office is filing a Motion for Appointment of Counsel to provide Prasse with a court-appointed lawyer to help him in expunging his records. 

“We are also filing an Agreement for Waiver of Fees in an effort to further minimize Mr. Prasse’s out-of-pocket costs,” Gonzales said.

San Antonio Police said it’s filing for a warrant to arrest the real suspect under the correct name. Converse PD is pursuing charges too.

“I don’t want it just to be over,” Tucker said. “There has to be some sort of change because if not my son, it could be somebody else’s son.”  

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