‘This person needs to get caught’: Neighbors on edge after man leaves disturbing notes at homes of older women

Other neighbors have chimed in saying they have video and notes from the same man.

SAN ANTONIO — It’s a social media post that’s generating a call to action on the south east side accusing one man of leaving disturbing letters at the homes of older women.

Drew, who posted a video clip said, “The things that are said in there, it’s just disturbing. This person needs to get caught.”

Drew said the man was caught by a surveillance camera approaching the home around 4 a.m. He said the man left after realizing the door would not be opened.

“Obviously I think he has some sort of mental issues because for somebody to do this on numerous occasions, it’s just audacious!” Drew said.

After the initial post to the Nextdoor app, which included images of the notes. Other neighbors chimed in saying they too have video and notes from the same man.

Several people who have called police to report the incidents all live in the area of Dellcrest Park near Rigsby and South W.W. White.

Drew said, “It’s within a three minute walk of an elementary school.”

One woman who said she cares for her elderly father down the street from where notes have been left said she found the incidents disturbing.

The woman said “It makes me nervous because we actually live in this subdivision and there are a lot of elderly people in this subdivision and they don’t know what to do in these types of situations. Some of them might actually open the door.” 

Witnesses say the man appears to be Hispanic, about 40-years-old, with a medium build. They say he is usually wearing a hoodie, a close trimmed beard and mustache. He’s also seen carrying a laptop and sometimes a notebook.

Social media posts include images of some of the letters neighbors say he is leaving behind. 

“It’s really explicit, too explicit to go into details on camera but it’s along the lines of saying he would like to do things with the woman involved and living in the residence,” Drew said.

San Antonio Police said the East SAFFE (San Antonio Fear Free Environment) unit is aware of the situation and they are monitoring complaints and social media posts.

They say any neighbor can reach out to SAFFE at 210-207-7566 to report their concerns or visit their website.

SAPD provided the following statement:

“The San Antonio police department takes harassment seriously. Folks should not interact with the individual leaving notes and report the notes immediately. Anyone who commits an offense with the intent to alarm, annoy, harass another person by initiating communication or a proposal that is obscene is considered harassment, according to Texas Penal Code – PENAL § 42.07. Harassment. Harassment is a Class B misdemeanor. Reporting any type of incident is important to building a case against an individual. Each report allows investigators to build a case and gather enough evidence to pursue charges. If the suspect commits another offense, then the charges could be enhanced using the prior documented reports. After reporting an incident, folks can follow up with their officer using the incident or case number they were provided. If the harassment continues, folks can call the non-emergency number and ask officers to drive by their residence. “

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