This San Antonio author was hired to write one single page of a movie script. So were 99 others.

Krissi Dallas joined the 100 Pages Movie Project, a unique movie production where 100 writers are assigned one single page of a movie script.

SAN ANTONIO — Krissi Dallas has been a writer her entire life. Her passion sprouted as a kid dabbling in her notebook. 

Now the San Antonio native is chasing her dream to the big screen, adding screenwriter to her long list of accolades.  

Dallas is part of the 100 Pages Movie Project, a first-of-its-kind production where 100 writers collaborated by writing one page – and just one page – of a movie script that will eventually get made. 

“It’s absolutely unique. Every day the story would change,” Dallas said. “New characters introduced, new conflicts introduced.”

The project is the brainchild of Marcus Johns, a social media influencer who became quite popular on the now-defunct app Vine.

Johns and fellow producers Darrick Landreneau, Christian DelGrosso and Jesse Dueck helped bring together people from over 30 states, as well as a few from overseas, to take part in unorthodox filmmaking effort. 

The writers ranged from 14 years old to well into their 80s.

“It’s just been this collective, collaborative, artistic thing,” Dallas said. “And it’s crazy. It’s as crazy as it sounds, 100 people writing one page each of a movie.” 

Coming on board 

Dallas found out about the project through pure coincidence.  

During her 16-year tenure as a junior high teacher, Dallas created a teaching activity she called “Airplane Stories.” The lesson began with each student writing the beginning of a story. Then, the students would fold their paper into an airplane and send it soaring through the classroom, where another student would grab it and pick up where the story left off.

Dallas said the activity was her favorite, especially getting to watch her students’ personalities come to life.  

As it happened, one of her former students follows Johns through social media and heard about the upcoming 100 Pages Movie Project. She then messaged Dallas, referencing how the project was similar to “Airplane Stories.”

Dallas immediately fell in love with the idea and filled out an application to join the project.

“I want to be involved in something crazy and creative,” Dallas said.  

Dallas was accepted into the 100 Pages Movie Project, saying it felt like a big pep rally when she met everyone for the first time in October of 2023.  

“You’re looking around the room at these 99 other people who are just as crazy as you to sign up for this,” Dallas said, recalling that first meeting.

Dallas said she made vital connections with people and created some amazing friendships.

“In today’s culture, when things can feel so divisive, to bring this many people together from so many diverse backgrounds and experiences and pull off one project… I mean, it’s so inspiring,” Dallas said.  

An important page, an important role

Dallas was given page 58 to write. 

She said she was initially disappointed because the novelist in her wanted to help establish the characters, but she eventually realized she was exactly where she needed to be.   

Dallas said page 58 turned into a really big, dramatic moment in the story. She said she loved seeing the reactions at the table read, which ranged from cheers to laughter. 

But once the writers penned their page, they were essentially kicked out and had no idea how the story moved forward. The writers didn’t see a completed script until the table read in February 2024.

At the table read, every writer was given memorabilia, including their scripts – signed by each participating writer – and a black-and-white graphic reflecting something that happened on their page.

Dallas said the script is currently being finalized and the project being prepared for production.

According to Dallas, the crews are hoping to begin filming this year for a potential 2025 release. The director will be Christian DelGrosso.

Dallas mentioned there will also be a docuseries showcasing the lives and experiences of each writer who worked on the 100 Pages Movie Project. It’ll be similar to a reality show, giving viewers a chance to get to know the writers. 

“I love that I got to be a part of something like this. There’s something magical that happens when you have that many artistic, creative people come together.”

Dallas is excited to see how the movie project unfolds and how it translates to audiences.

“It could be the most remarkable thing that’s ever happened in cinema history, it could be the worst thing,” she said. “But the idea is that you watch these people come together and create and try something new for the first time for the sake of doing it, because we live in a time where we can.”

A burgeoning career

Dallas also has another project moving forward. Her YA romantic comedy book “Wish Upon A Streaming Star” has been ranked on Kindle Vella’s Top 10 List for more than two years. 

Dallas said special editions with custom illustrations will be released in September. Audiences can preorder on, which will enter them into a raffle to win 100 Pages Movie swag, including dish gloves signed by the four movie producers and director.

“Wish Upon A Streaming Star” revolves around Daisy and Caz, next-door neighbors who don’t get along. The duo receives a box of mysterious money and must complete a challenge which entails spending 48 hours together recreating iconic movie scenes. 

If they complete the challenge, they will get the key to unlock the box of money. But one of the biggest challenges that could stand in their way is if they fall in love.

“I’ve had so much fun with ‘Wish Upon A Streaming Star,’” Dallas said.  

She says the inspiration to write teen and young adult books comes from her experience as a junior high teacher and youth pastor’s wife. She said her whole social environment is teenagers, and she loves seeing their imaginations and experiences grow when they’re reading.

“I write for the young and the young at heart,” she said. “There’s something in us that wants to return to those first experiences and those younger years.”

Dallas, who currently lives in the Dallas-Fort Worth area with her family, said she’s thankful for having grown up in San Antonio. She credits the culture and people within the city for helping her become the woman and writer she is today.

“My childhood in San Antonio has inspired so much of what I write and what I do. I always have Hispanic character representation because I grew up around that culture and it’s a nod to my friends and my experiences,” she said.

Dallas went to Regency Place Elementary and Gardner Middle School before graduating from The Christian School at Castle Hills.

Dallas said most of her books are set around places in Texas, where she vacationed and frequented.

“It has a community feel about it,” she says. “There’s so many traditions and things that unite people across diverse backgrounds in San Antonio. I miss it.”

For more information on Krissi Dallas and her books, click here.


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