Update: Wisconsin woman to reunite with her father in Corpus Christi after almost 30 years apart

Nearly three decades ago was the last time Rachal Horn saw her father. She said she doesn’t blame him for not being able to be in her life.

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Editor’s note: the video attached to this story is from its initial release on May 1.

Just one week after the story’s release Rachal provided an update to Facebook that she has finally made contact with her father over a phone call Wednesday.

Rachal, from Wisconsin, has been actively trying to reconnect with her father for nearly three decades and taking her search online lead her here to Corpus Christi.

She told 3NEWS once her father is settled in his new housing, she will fly out to be reunited with him in person. 

Below is the story prior to updates. 

A Wisconsin woman’s dream to reconnect with her father has brought her search to Corpus Christi, but she has hit another roadblock in the process.

She decided to take her search virtually by posting across several Corpus Christi community pages on Facebook. She received a lot of reaction and help.

Nearly three decades ago was the last time Rachal Horn saw her father. She said she doesn’t blame him for not being able to be in her life.

“We were just pushed away from each other over bitterness, and someone who thought they had control, and because of someone else actions and choices we missed out on a whole lifetime together,” Rachal said.

Rachal said she grew up believing that her father didn’t want her, but that changed when she made a discovery that made her want to search for the truth. 

“So him and his wife had been sending letters and cards with money and trying to contact me and they were hidden from me,” Rachal said. “I just had so many questions and felt so let down.”

Since the age of 18, she has been searching, but it wasn’t until two weeks ago when a placement officer at the Mother Theresa Shelter contacted her. She said she feels closer than ever in finding him.

“‘I have seen your father,’ and I was just like wow. He told me that he saw him the day before I made contact. And I just said, ‘This is amazing,'” Rachal said. “I just felt it in my heart that I was going to find him this time. I just really felt it this time and I never felt it before but it’s different this time around.”

The operators supervisor at Mother Theresa Shelter, Sister Rency, said she has witnessed a family find their loved one at the shelter but not every homeless person wants to reunite with family.

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“We tell them that ‘Someone is looking for you guys, would you like to go with your family?’ First, answer is no. Then we give two choice for them, they can make final choice, then we couldn’t do nothing,” Sister Rency said.

Rachal knows there might be a chance that her father might not want to reconnect but she said she is hopeful.

“I know it wasn’t his fault and that I put so much time and so much energy into finding him and that I don’t care; he doesn’t have to be ashamed or embarrassed, I don’t care about any of that. I just want my dad,” Rachal said.

The Mother Theresa Shelter confirmed to 3NEWS that the man has changed his name and is a regular there but it’s been a week since they’ve last seen him. 

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