Viral TikTok video shows fisherman reel in small shark from Guadalupe River

When you go fishing in the Guadalupe River, you probably hope to catch a trout, bass or catfish.

But a shark?

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That’s what a fisherman reeled in recently somewhere on the 250-mile river that flows to the Gulf of Mexico, according to a viral video on TikTok.

“Over here fishing on the Guadalupe and look what we got on, a shark, bro,” TikTok user @jonathanaguayo5 said while the fisherman was reeling in the rare catch. “It’s crazy.”

According to Texas Parks and Wildlife, bull sharks are common off the coast of Texas, but unlike most sharks, they can live in fresh water and have been found “many miles upriver from the Gulf.”

While it hasn’t been confirmed where the shark was caught, some commenters say it was near Victoria.

The Guadalupe River is a magnet for tubers and swimmers, which promoted the City of New Braunfels to assure residents that the shark was probably not reeled in anywhere near the area. Still, city officials jumped on the popularity of the video with a funny post of their own.

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