WATCH: H-E-B does Mexican candy taste testing with Spurs’ Keldon Johnson

“I could get down with this stuff. It’s pretty solid,” said Keldon.

SAN ANTONIO — Sweet, sour, spicy, and flavorful are usually words to describe Mexican candy, but how will San Antonio Spurs‘ Keldon Johnson react to eating a few pieces of the delicious treats?

Recently, grocery chain H-E-B did a Mexican candy taste test with the Spurs, and he gave positive reviews.

Johnson tried H-E-B’s “Mi Tienda” candy flavors—Banditas Enchiladas and Tornados Enchilados—and was impressed with the experience, so he decided he would buy them.

“Yeah, I’m going to be completely honest. It’s real flavorful but I love green apple, so I could get down with this stuff. It’s pretty solid,” he said.

This was only Johnson’s second time trying Mexican candy, and he was pleased with all the flavors he sampled.

“I should tell you, these are really fire,” he added.

Mexican candy is special in San Antonio, representing the city’s vibrant Mexican culture. It can be found in various establishments throughout the city, including restaurants. The consensus in San Antonio is that the more sour and spicy the candy, the better.

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H-E-B has flavors like the Mi Tienda Red Candy Belts with chile and the Tiritas Enchiladas ropes.

The question remains: How would Keldon handle the spicier Mexican candy H-E-B has to offer?

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