WATCH LIVE AT 1: KSAT meteorologists track Hurricane Beryl in Gulf of Mexico


  • By Sunday, all eyes will be on the southern Texas coast as Beryl gets close to making landfall.
  • The storm is expected to be near hurricane strength when it makes landfall.
  • A shift north in its position overnight has shifted Beryl’s potential track farther east.
  • This means rainfall will vary SIGNIFICANTLY across the area.


KSAT meteorologists Mia Montgomery and Justin Horne will be live on KSAT, the KSAT Weather app, and KSAT’s YouTube page at 1 p.m. on Friday to discuss potential impacts from Beryl. You can also watch the livestream at the top of the article.

Join us, as we’ll have additional data under our belt to discuss where Beryl may be headed next.

Have questions? Leave them in the comment section below, or visit our YouTube stream.

Also at 1 p.m., acting Governor Dan Patrick and Texas Division of Emergency Management (TDEM) Chief Nim Kidd will hold a media briefing on ongoing preparations for the storm. You can view that stream on KSAT Plus.


As we’ve been stressing, tropical activity can often throw you a curve ball and paths can change. So is the case with Beryl.

A repositioning of the center of circulation to the north is resulting in a change in the potential path. The latest update curves Beryl more to the northeast as it approaches the southern Texas coast.

There are a couple of important points with this new development. One is that if it were to stay over water a little bit longer (ride the Texas coast vs. moving inland), then further intensification may become an issue.

This *could* bring direct impacts as far north as Corpus Christi. Additionally, this would place San Antonio on the drier side of the storm, resulting in lower rainfall totals.

Beryl’s exact track will be very important going forward and we’ll still need to wait for the storm to re-emerge into the Gulf before making any real assumptions. The potential path will continue to shift. However, in this kind of setup, know that rainfall totals will vary widely: little to no rain to the west, with heavy, significant rainfall to the east. Any small deviation in the track, and we’re talking a matter of miles, can change this scenario (remember Hurricane Harvey’s rainfall pattern over South/Central Texas).

Latest spaghetti models for Beryl’s path (Copyright 2024 by KSAT – All rights reserved.)


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10am UPDATE on Beryl’s path from the National Hurricane Center (Copyright 2024 by KSAT – All rights reserved.)


Rainfall will vary widely across the area depending on Beryl’s exact path. (Copyright 2024 by KSAT – All rights reserved.)

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