‘We’re staying patient’ | Jeremy Sochan trusts the Spurs’ rebuilding process

Sochan spoke about the Spurs’ rebuilding and believes in the process.

SAN ANTONIO — The San Antonio Spurs are rebuilding, and Jeremy Sochan believes in the franchise’s methodical approach.

The Spurs hit the jackpot by adding Victor Wembanyama as their cornerstone player, but what about the rest of the roster? What about speeding up things to get the Spurs back to the top of the league?

Sochan spoke about the Spurs’ rebuilding and he believes in the process.

“We always talk about it [rebuilding] in the organization. From coaches to players to the front office, it’s all about staying level-headed,” Sochan said during an interview with Drafteados. “Of course, having someone like Victor come to the team heightens everything. It makes people think you got to do this now.”

The Spurs have made it clear they will not look to speed things up just because Wembanyama is in uniform. He went as far as to say the team will exercise patience in constructing a team around Wemby.

However, with its immense assets, the franchise is in a position to speed up the rebuilding.

San Antonio can become a force in the NBA with multiple first—and second-round picks, financial cap space, and players on the current roster to trade to turn their ship around fast.

But Sochan believes the rebuild will take time and points to the Denver Nuggets as an example.

“When Denver started winning, all their players like Jokic were 26, 27 (years old). It’s a process. We’re not trying to rush it. We’re staying patient,” he said. 

Sochan admits he does see the reports of the Spurs being connected to players this offseason.

There have been reports of the team looking to add Trae Young, chasing Dejounte Murray, or eyeing Darius Garland.

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He believes the team needs to block that out and not let it get to him.

“You see the pressure. You just can’t let it get to you,” he said.

San Antonio will continue to do its due diligence in the rebuilding, and it will likely take a steady approach.

However, what is critical is how much the current players can develop, and for Sochan, that is the key right now.

“Of course, you got to find people, and if something is not working, you got to change it,” he said. “It’s a process. We’re all looking forward positively. It just depends on how quickly we develop as young players and a team.”

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