West Side gym helps kids get into the ring, keeps them off the streets

SAN ANTONIO – An elite boxing gym on the city’s West Side is helping neighborhood kids succeed in life and stay off the streets.

The Anzures Boxing Team facilities, located in the 500 block of West Commerce, has been bettering kids of all ages and has helped improve them both in and outside the ring.

Devany Cuevas, a professional boxer, trains at the Anzures Boxing Team facilities. She said she sees the impact that boxing has had on her and her fellow athletes first-hand.

“I’ve had 18 amateur fights. I’ve only lost five of those. I’m a pro now, so I have five fights professionally,” Cuevas said. “You know, with boxing it’s all about discipline. It’s all about staying focused, both in school and whatever you do. So that’s how it’s helped.”

Alex Anzures is currently teaching 35 students at the gym, and the students are thriving.

“I actually have a number one ranked in the United States. I got a number three and a number six and a number seven. So, you know, they’re out there, or getting out there. I just wish that I could actually do more for them,” Anzures said.

Anzures said students learn a lot in the ring. But they learn more about life outside it.

“Honestly, it helps to get these kids off the streets for sure. I know when I was young, there was just so much out there. And I think it’s worse nowadays, with everything going on. So overall, I just try to help out the community as much as I can,” Anzures said.

Alex said however it’s not easy, and practices don’t start until he is done with his daytime job.

“Now, with the full classes, I’m nearly here until 10 p.m. almost every day,” Anzures said.

The program is heavily reliant on sponsorships and donations.

“I know we’re limited resources, so, you know, any sponsorship will be greatly be appreciated to get these kids out there,” Anzures said.

And as for Devany, she has big plans right around the corner.

“My fight in March 11 and I plan I want to become a world champion at some point. So that’s what that’s the goal is right now,” Devany said.

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