What are the best and worst states for golf?

A study ranked the top spots for golfers based on the number of courses, driving ranges, tournaments and golf coaches. Here’s where Texas landed in the rankings.

HOUSTON — If you’re an avid golfer looking for the top states to spend your next vacation or retire in, this study may help. 

My Baggage recently ranked the best and worst states for golfers. They based the scores on the number of courses, driving ranges, Platinum Clubs, tournaments and golf coaches per 100,000 residents.  

Florida took the top spot with a score of 64.42 out of 100. The Sunshine State has 1,131 courses, the most of any state. Florida also has the highest number of available PGA coaches and the most Platinum Clubs in America. 

Colorado was a close second with a score of 62.91 followed by Arizona at 59.79. 

“For passionate golfers, this ranking suggests a compelling reason to explore beyond their home turf, especially when they help stretch your money further,” My Baggage Managing Director Paul Stewart said. “Different states can offer unique climates, terrains and course designs, creating a chance to experience the game in entirely new ways, all while offering better value for your tee time.” 

The Lone Star State landed in the middle of the pack at No. 20 with a score of 38.78.

Top 20 best states for golfers

1. Florida

2. Colorado

3. Arizona

4. South Carolina

5. Wyoming

6. Pennsylvania

7. New York

8. Minnesota

9.  Illinois

10. Maryland

11. California

12. Georgia

13. New Jersey

15. Montana

16. Hawaii

17. Nebraska

19. Arkansas

If you’re heading to Louisiana, Alaska or West Virginia, you might want to leave your clubs at home because they’re at the very bottom of the rankings.

Worst states for golf

41. Virginia

42. Delaware

43. Alabama

44. Rhode Island

45. Oklahoma

46. Tennessee

47. Mississippi

48. West Virginia

49. Alaska

50. Louisiana

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